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Sunday, 30 March 2014

2nd YOU READ IT LIKE WHAT?! Read-Aloud Recording Competition

We Read it Like This presents....

The 2nd Read-Aloud Recording Competition: YOU READ IT LIKE WHAT?! 
Illustration by Maurice Sendak for
Jewish Book Month, (Jewish Book Council), 1985
Last year, to celebrate We Read it Like This' second anniversary, we held the First You Read it Like What?! read-aloud recording competition.

After the success the first time round and many inquiries as to whether we were going organise the competition again this year, we have decided to launch the Second You Read it Like What?! competition. The prize? Two books of your choice from those reviewed on this site (books out of print not included; see list at the bottom of this post).

1. Choose one of your favourite picture books
2. Practise reading it out loud (if you need to). 
3. Record it either with video or sound only
4. Upload it onto a site like dropbox or soundcloud.
5. Share the link with us in a comment at the end of this post and...
6. Send an email to youreaditlikewhat@gmail.com telling us a bit about yourself or yourselves, a photo if you like, and why you chose that book in particular. Please include the link to the recording in the email too. 
7. Recordings should be in English or in Spanish (if in Spanish please visit We Read it Like This' sister blog, Lo Leemos Así and enter the competition through that site). 
8. The recording can either be:
  • of a parent or other carer reading to a child or several children or 
  • of a teacher reading to a child or several children 
  • of a child reading to another child or parent or in a classroom to their friends.
9. Excitement encouraged and interaction (ooh¡ aaaah!) more than welcome.
10. The deadline for receiving entries is May 31st, 2014. No entries received after this date shall be considered. 
11.  Worldwide entries accepted. The only restrictions apply to language: English or Spanish (through Lo leemos así) only. 
12. All ages welcome.  
13. The winner will get a glamourous post featuring their prize recording plus 2 books to choose from the following books reviewed on We Read it Like This
14. Prize books chosen by winner will be sent to the address provided by them by email following the notification of the winner. 
15. Good luck!
16. The decision regarding the winner will be necessarily subjective and final.   


  1. Our latest entry for the competition is this extract from the wonderful No Kiss for Mother by Tomi Ungerer (the breakfast scene). We absolutely love it! Read by a mother to her 3 year-old daughter and 3 month old baby. You can listen to it here https://www.dropbox.com/s/uw1f7jiztpxuy43/No%20kiss%20for%20mother%2C%20breakfast%20scene.mp3

  2. A video from about 6 years ago now. A favourite of ours we thought we had lost. I Wrote to the Zoo, read by Sarah with actions by Lucy. Enthusiastic audience, Dillon and Anna.

    1. We LOVED this! Thanks a lot for taking part and good luck...